Check out this video of Chris Bosh on coding!

At last, the long awaited videos from Pitch Night. I am learning I can do a lot alone. However, this is not the best workflow if I want to empower educators everywhere. My apology for the lengthy delay posting the videos. Watch and enjoy!
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My first EdTech Pitch Night was a success! I am grateful for the community of people that came out pitch, listen, and cast their vote. I have started something that has taken on a life of its own.

Congratulations to Desirae Royal of Mobile Me who won the first $1k micro-grant! I know she will do well with integrating technology during instruction with her students.

Pictures tell a powerful story about the experiences of our lives. See the pics below from the pitch night.

The next EdTech Pitch Night is taking place Tuesday, August 12th…..more details forth coming!

Long before the shootathon, press conference, media interviews, and OneSpark I dreamed of an event where educator innovators could share game-changing ideas. That time has come – literally! In just over two weeks I will host my first EdTech pitch night! Excited…understatement.

Attendees will have an opportunity to hear game-changing ideas about EdTech integrations in the classrooms and projects on the First Coast. After each five minute pitch, there will be Q & A.
Once all the pitches have been heard the audience will vote to decide who receives the $1,000.00 micro-grant.

More details are soon to come. See below to get your ticket now!

Just Get Going Now! Don’t wait. The world is full of people who put off until….. the time is right, they have enough money, a choir full of “Amen-ers”, dozens of re-pins, hundreds of RTs, thousands of FB likes. You have all that is needed to start. Go!

Just Get Going

I am looking forward to distributing the first micro-grant. I am hosting my first night of EdTech Pitches Tuesday, May 27 @ 6:30 PM.

Grateful for the opportunity to host it at the Shultz Center.

Here is a quick preview five local innovators have 5 minutes to pitch their current project to an audience of fellow innovators and potential partners, and other people interested in innovation in Jacksonville. Each presentation is followed by a short audience Q&A session.

The event begins at 6 PM with a networking meet-n-greet. Presentations begin at 6:30 PM.

Since OneSpark I have been aggressively seeking assistance to develop our portal that will allow us to serve teachers and students everywhere. Many of the conversations since the festival have not been very fruitful.

Thus, I have been sharing my desires with the Catchafire community to speed up the process and gain traction to award our first grant very soon. Check out the video below to learn more about Catchafire.

If there is anyone who is an authority on a flipped classroom it’s John Bergman. He has done phenomenal work to engage his students and boost achievement. Take a peek at the clip below as he explains how his classroom has radically changed.



This is one of the many reasons why teachers flip their classrooms.

Today marks a very strategic day with our young social enterprise. With the upcoming One Spark Festival only 8 days away, we have begun to advertise in Jacksonville and in the surrounding areas. One of our goals is to be the leading voice in best edtech practices in the classroom. Another goal is to host pitch contests for teachers who have innovative ideas that desire for them to be implemented in their classroom.

No jokes today. This is serious business. Join the movement…

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