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I recorded this clip in my new office space. Before we launch I thought it important to share a brief story of why we exist.

We all have a story to tell , whether we admit it or not. This is the beginning of new chapter for us. We are about to launch something special.

Flip Our Class Introduction from FlipOurClass on Vimeo.

Office Space

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Shifting Gears

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Flip Our Class is shifting gears. Details coming soon.


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It’s been quite some time since my last post. Below are the three main reasons for the slump:

Dad life.

Grad school life.

Teacher life

I have been swamped but I am ever more committed to moving forward with this project.I am moving swiftly to build something amazing to impact students. I can’t tell you all the details of what’s cooking now. However, I do want to stay in contact with you to let you know when we take flight!

To get in on the scoop simply fill out the form to the right.

Are you in?

digital citizenship blog

What Is Digital Citizenship?

This is a guest post by Amanda Knox.

I promise you it’s not! When the internet was invented, people were excited, but they were also scared.

The possibilities are endless! We can share everything with anyone anywhere!

It’s a wild west of uncontrollable information. We can share anything with anyone anywhere? But the internet did not turn into a chaotic wasteland of porn sites, pop-up ads, and credit card fraud schemes, instead it became this incredible tool that has fueled revolutions, brought resources to people who desperately needed it, and even raised funds for a Veronica Mars movie.

But it’s still a dangerous place, and students today are in a unique position to ruin their lives and the lives of others way easier than has ever been possible. Here are some reminders that can help you make sure this doesn’t happen:

  1. Anyone can see anything that you post anywhere. You don’t care about anything but her number of Instagram likes now, but your grandma will see that picture of you in less than appropriate attire on the beach. Your future boss will too. It doesn’t matter if your photo is on private or your account is anonymous. The internet messes up sometimes and you’re the one that loses.
  2. The internet isn’t written in pencil. It’s written in ink. Tattoo ink. Even if you hit delete, that picture or post is archived somewhere. It might have been saved as a screenshot. Best to play it safe.
  3. There are people behind those user names. I’m not going to bore you with talk about cyber bullying. You know the consequences of cruel words, even ones said as a joke. Remember that it’s best to remain courteous at all times. Besides, optimistic posts tend to get more likes anyway.

Basically this “digital citizenship” is just fancy talk for “use common sense, don’t be mean, and don’t ruin your reputation and your future because you want followers.” And that’s something anyone can get behind, right?


Check out this video of Chris Bosh on coding!

At last, the long awaited videos from Pitch Night. I am learning I can do a lot alone. However, this is not the best workflow if I want to empower educators everywhere. My apology for the lengthy delay posting the videos. Watch and enjoy!
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My first EdTech Pitch Night was a success! I am grateful for the community of people that came out pitch, listen, and cast their vote. I have started something that has taken on a life of its own.

Congratulations to Desirae Royal of Mobile Me who won the first $1k micro-grant! I know she will do well with integrating technology during instruction with her students.

Pictures tell a powerful story about the experiences of our lives. See the pics below from the pitch night.

The next EdTech Pitch Night is taking place Tuesday, August 12th…..more details forth coming!

Long before the shootathon, press conference, media interviews, and OneSpark I dreamed of an event where educator innovators could share game-changing ideas. That time has come – literally! In just over two weeks I will host my first EdTech pitch night! Excited…understatement.

Attendees will have an opportunity to hear game-changing ideas about EdTech integrations in the classrooms and projects on the First Coast. After each five minute pitch, there will be Q & A.
Once all the pitches have been heard the audience will vote to decide who receives the $1,000.00 micro-grant.

More details are soon to come. See below to get your ticket now!